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Apcoguard X

Apcoguard X

Repair of RCC and Floor Mortar (Structural Strengthening)


Repair of RCC and Floor mortar with Apcobuild Apcoguard X of apcotex industries ltd. Specialty SBR latex for water proofing excellent water impermeability. Improving flexural, tensile, bond strength and for water proofing of concrete / mortar. Excellent bonding between old and new substrate. Improves abrasion resistance of flooring.


  • Structural Strengthening

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    • All substrate should be clean and free of dust, laitance, plaster oil, paint, corrosion deposit and any other deleterious materials.
    • Corroded reinforcing steel should be exposed around its full circumference. Mechanically clean reinforcing steel to remove all Corrosion products.
    • Wash reinforcing steel with clean water and allow drying. It is always preferable to clean the steel to a bright condition.
    • Use of emery cloth, girt or sand blasting is recommended.

    • Brush apply a primer coat prepared by mixing 1 part of Apcobuild Apcoguard X: 1 part water: 3 part Cement ratio over freshly cleaned and dry reinforcing steel.
    • Whilst primer is steel wet, carefully apply and compact Apcobuild Apcoguard X mix prepared as per the following proportion’s at a thickness up to 15 -20 mm. Built up the required thickness in subsequent layers of 15 -20 mm each over the final coat. Final layer can be finished with trowel to get the smooth finish.
    • Polymer Modified Mortar (PMM)
      Cement : 50 kgs
      sand : 125 -150 kgs
      Apcobuild Apcoguard X : 10 kgs
      Water : Just sufficient to attain desired consistency

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