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Providing waterproofing treatment to the Terrace concrete / roof ( directly exposed to UV)


Waterproofing treatment to the Terrace concrete / roof directly exposed to UV Apcobulid Dampshield, of apcotex industries ltd, Elastomeric coating with reinforced fiber two coating. Resistance to the effect of long weathering like chalking and flaking. Higher film thickness, has excellent flexibility breathing properties ,water resistance excellent crack bridging ability and weathering durability. It prevents moisture, seepage through hairline cracks on concrete due to its film flexibility.


  • Concrete Terrace / Roof (Directly Exposed to UV)

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    • Clean the surface thoroughly with mechanically means and make the surface free from dirt and loose material
    • Remove all excess water available on floor.
    • Any damaged surface must be repaired by using polymer modified repair mortar with Apcobuild Seal N safe.
    • Grout construction joints / honeycomb areas with cementitious grout.
    • Remove the grout nipples and level the surface with mortar.
    • Where mass, algae or similar growths have occurred, proper treatment should be carried out.
    • Preparing coving / angle fillet in 1: 4 cement sand mortar at all junctions of wall and slab. Cure the mortar for 7 days.

    • Pre wetting the area
    • Once the area is cleaned, saturate the entire surface with water and allow water to stand on the surface for 12 hours.

      Application of Apcobuild Dampshield
    • The Surface should be self primed with Apcobuild Dampshield diluted with water in the ratio of 1:3 by volume prior to application of Apcobuild Dampshield allow prime coat to dry for at least 3 -4 hours.
    • All self primed substrates should be treated with two coats of Apcobuild Dampshield withoutdilution by brush or roller with time gap of 6 hours between each coat.
    • For enhanced protection apply additional coat of Apcobuild Dampshield on rain being walls, chajjas and parapet walls.
    • Allow the coated surface to air cure fully for 7 days.

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