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General Structure Repair PMM
ApcoBuild RustKill + ApcoBuild Seal N Safe
  • Expose the reinforcement bars in the spalled cracked concrete by removing / chipping to a minimum depth of 10mm behind the reinforcing bars. The repair area section shall be profiled to get U Shape or square shape with an inward tapering edge of reinforcement.

  • The exposed reinforcing bars shall be cleaned thoroughly to remove all traces of rust, scales, etc., by using wire brush, emery paper etc.

  • On the spalled concrete with exposed Rebar surface apply ApcoBuild RustKill by brush liberally on the exposed rusted steel from all sides.
  • Allow ApcoBuild RustKill to react with the rust for 10-15 minutes and rub out all the rust with a dry cloth or a stiff brush till a fine shiny surface is obtained. When applied over a corroded reinforcement steel, wash the applied  surface with clean water before taking up further work of repair.
  • The lateral ties/stirrups shall also be cleaned in the same way. After removal of corroded portion, the diameter of the reinforcement shall be checked and compared with the drawings.
  • If the diameter of reinforcing bars in the concrete repair section is reduced substantially (say >20%) of its original size, additional bars shall be provided as per the design. If found necessary the recommendation of Structural / Design Engineer is to be taken.
  • The exposed and cleaned reinforcing bar shall be provided with a passivativing layer of polymer coating of ApcoBuild Seal N Safe mixed with cement in the ratio of 1: 1.5 by weight.
  • Apply the second coat of ApcoBuild Seal N Safe mixed with cement in the ratio of 1: 1.5 by weight on to the surrounding repair section as a bond coat
  • The Repair mortar prepared using ApcoBuild Seal N Safe as per the recipe given below and must be applied before the elapse of overlay time, whilst the bonding coat is tacky. In case the applied bond coat gets dry, an extra coat should be applied before application of repair mortar (PMM).

Cement                         –        50 kg
Sand                             –        150 kg (Screened River or quartz sand  
ApcoBuild Seal N Safe   –        10 Kg
Water                           –        10 ltrs

  • Sprinkle cure as required.


  • After completion of ApcoBuild RustKill treatment cleaning of area with a water jet application is recommended.

  • Ensure placement of repair mortar on the bond coat applied tacky surface.
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