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Hydrocrete Plus

Hydrocrete Plus

Providing waterproofing treatment to the Terrace concrete / roof ( directly exposed to UV)


Waterproofing treatment to the Terrace concrete / roof directly exposed to UV Apcobulid Hydrocrete Plus , of apcotex industries ltd, effective water proof coating on well prepared concrete. Excellent protective water proof coat on cementitious substrate. Bonding agent between old and new concrete Protect concrete against water penetration. Non – corrosive to steel or iron. Durable in all climatic conditions un – affected by ultra violet hence suitable for exterior application.


  • Concrete Terrace / Roof (Directly Exposed to UV)

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    • Clean the surface thoroughly with mechanically means and make the surface free from dirt and loose material
    • Remove all excess water available on floor.
    • Any damaged surface must be repaired by using polymer modified repair mortar with Apcobuild Seal N safe.
    • Grout construction joints / honeycomb areas with cementitious grout.
    • Remove the grout nipples and level the surface with mortar.
    • Preparing coving / angle fillet in 1: 4 cement sand mortar at all junctions of wall and slab. Cure the mortar for 7 days.

    • Pre wetting the area
    • Once the area is cleaned, saturate the entire surface with water and allow water to stand on the surface for 12 hours.

      Mixing of Apcobuild Hydrocrete Plus
    • Shake the Apcobuild Hydrocrete Plus liquid component well. Use heavy duty slow speed mechanical mixer fitted with a suitable paddle for mixing with Cement ratio (1 :1.5).
    • In a mixing vessel slowly add the Cement to the liquid under continuous stirring to achieve a lump free homogenous slurry.
    • Mix only that much material which can be used in 30 minutes.

    • Application of Waterproof Coating
    • Examine brickbat coba and masonry in walls and floor and repair cracks and hollow portions, if any mortar prepared using Apcobuild seal N safe
    • If concealed pipes are deteriorated, remove coba or screed.
    • Clean the surface. Saturate with water and remove excess water if any , and bring to touch dry state.
    • Using a wet 4” paint brush. apply the first coat of the mixed Apcobuild Hydrocrete Plus and cement in the ratio 1.0:1.5 by weight on the prepared surface.
    • Apply to vertical surface also . till 15 cm from tilling level.
    • Allow to dry 4 to 6 hours. Apply second coat right angle to first coat with same latex cement ratio. Provide suitable mechanical key to achieve better bonding.
    • All pipe inserts walls and floors must be properly grouted with Apcobuild Micro Repairo
    • After completion of successful pond test, protect waterproof membrane with plaster / BBC.

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