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Steel Guard

Steel Guard

Anti-corrosive coating for Rebar


Anti –corrosive coating on rebar with Apcobulid SteelGuard of apcotex industries ltd, Specially formulated aqueous polymeric alkaline protective coating against corrosion. Single component, ready to use, very good adhesion semi matt finish, long corrosion resistance to steel Bar.


  • Anticorrosive Coating For Rebars

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    • All substrates should be clean and free of dust, laitance, plasters oil, and any other deleterious materials, paint. Corrosion deposit.
    • Loose rust by wire brushing, chipping, hammering, or grinding so that majority of rust scale is removed.

    • Apply one coat of Apcobuild Steel Guard with brush or spray on dry surface. Allow it to dry completely for 1-2 hours.
    • Thinning with plain water.
    • Apply second coat if required, in case of any discontinuity in the first coat after drying.

    • Drying Time
    • Surface dry less than 45 minutes, under ambient condition.
    • Hard dry (less than 12 hours)

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