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Toilet & Bathrooms Waterproofing
ApcoBuild SureSeal
  • Clean the surface free of dirt, dust, laitance, etc. Inspect for cracks. Seal the crack with suitable treatment.
  • The junction of the walls and the slab is rounded using cement mortar of 1:3 admixed with 5% ApcoBuild Seal N Safe on weight of cement.
  • All openings around the drain pipes are packed with 5%by weight of cement ApcoBuild Seal N Safe admixed mortar in the ratio of 1:3¬† (Cement: Sand:) and well compacted & finished.
  • After the mortar has set, ApcoBuild SureSeal is applied around the pipes in two coats.
  • Whilst damp, but free of standing water, apply ApcoBuild SureSeal to the clean and saturated surface maintaining a coverage of 6-7 sqft per kg to achieve 1mm thickness in two coat application. The coating is extended up to 300mm height along the parapet wall. Second coat to be applied in direction perpendicular to the direction of first coat after 4-6hrs of application of first coat with freshly prepared material.
  • Sprinkle sand on the top surface of applied ApcoBuild SureSeal¬† while still tacky over the second coat.
  • Applying cement mortar of cement :sand (1:4) admixed with 200ml of ApcoBuild Hydrotite IWC @200ml/50 kg bag of cement over the floor with suitable gradient towards drain pipe, while the second coat of ApcoBuild Hydrocrete is still tacky.
  • Always prepare the mix of ApcoBuild SureSeal which can be consumed within 30-45 minutes
  • Avoid foot traffic on cementitious coating still it is protected with screed
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