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Topguard HI

Topguard HI

Providing waterproofing treatment to the Terrace concrete / roof ( directly exposed to UV)


Waterproofing treatment to Terrace concrete / roof (Directly exposed to UV) with Apcobuild TopGuard HI of apcotex industries ltd. Is a Low VOC pure acrylic emulsion based exterior paint designed with excellent solar reflective properties which reflects maximum heat from the sunlight keeping surface temperature cooler compared to normal exterior paints. Due to this property it helps in keeping interior cool and saving energy for air –conditioning. Good adhesion on metal surface.


  • Concrete Terrace / Roof (Directly Exposed To UV)
  • Metal Roofs

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    • All surfaces must be sound, clean, dry and free of any contamination such as mildew, dirt, grease, oils, chalk and any other contaminant that may affect adhesion. All loose, flaking, and oxidizing paint must be removed with water blasting, sand blasting, wire brushing or scraping.
    • Mold, mildew, and fungi must be completely and thoroughly removed with power washer.

      Primer Application
    • Apcobuild Topguard PR should be applied with a commercial grade airless sprayer, using .17-.19 spray tips roller, Brush, at a making sure that all pores are adequately sealed and a white, opaque primed surface achieved on all exposed surfaces, including edges.

    • Finish Application
    • Apcobuild Topguard HI must be applied in two coats with a commercial grade airless sprayer, using .13-15 spray tips, Roller, Brush, maintaining a wet edge and ensuring uniform film thickness over the entire surface. Second coat can be applied as soon as first coat is dry / after 2 to 3 hours.
    • Use of spray recommended to maintain appropriate distance from surface to minimize overspray and achieve uniform film thickness.

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