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Basement Waterproofing
ApcoBuild Kryst   +   ApcoBuild Hydrotite IWC   +   ApcoBuild Sure Seal
  • The basement shall be inspected thoroughly to find out the exact source of leakage and the extent of leakage. All the leaking points shall be marked to decide the treatment area.
  • Surface shall be cleaned to remove all the loose materials. Loose concrete / cracked concrete shall be removed carefully by chipping.
  • For basement flooded with water, the dewatering shall be done to remove the water from the base slab for carrying out the inspection and further treatment.
  • Wire brush surface to remove all the loose particles before applying crystalline system. If required, the grinder shall be used to open up the surface pores. This will allow better penetration of crystalline product.
Waterproofing by Crystallization System:
ApcoBuild Kryst

  • If the dampness is present all over with minimum dripping leakage, the same shall be treated with crystalline product ApcoBuild Kryst, an active system, which penetrates in the body of concrete and reacts with the free lime and moisture to form insoluble crystals.
  • Prepare mix of ApcoBuild Kryst by adding 2 parts of water to 5 parts of Krystalline powder. Apply the mix with stiff nylon brush over the entire wet area at the rate of 12 to 15 sqft per coat per kg of mixed material. Apply 2nd coat at the same rate after 3 to 4 hours of application of 1st coat. The final coat shall be left as it is to cure for 15 days.
  • ApcoBuild Kryst shall not be applied when the surface is dry. For filling the construction joints and other cavities, mix 5 part of ApcoBuild Kryst in 1 part of water and fill the paste in the joint / groove with the help of trowel.
Waterproofing by Cementitious Membrane System:
ApcoBuild Sure Seal Plus
  • Bring the wel prepared substrate to Saturated surface dry condition (SSD). Care should be taken that there should not be standing water.
  • Mix the ready to use ApcoBuild Sure Seal Pus two component system in the ratio of 1:1 by adding powder under stirring with low speed mechanical stirrer into the liquid to avoid the lump formation and to obtain uniform dispersion of powder.
  • Apply 2 coats of material as prepared above with intermediated drying of 4-6 hours. Ensure freshly prepared material as above is used for second coat and applied in the direction perpendicular to the first coat and allow it to air cure for at least 72 hours.

ApcoBuild Hydrotite IWC

  • Protect the flexible cementitious membrane with screed using ApcoBuild Hydrotite IWC @ 200 ml per 50Kg bag of cement.
  • For Dripping Leakage: All the dripping leakage points shall be grouted with foam injection system. Refer standard specification for grouting with foam injection.
  • When the surface is fairly dried after the application of Krystalline system, all the construction joints shall be grouted with cement slurry admixed with an expansive additive. Refer standard specification for details.
  • The use of PU foam injection can be restricted to areas having severe leakage only. For rest of the locations, grouting with cement slurry admixed with expansive additive shall be done.

  • Once the entire area is treated, all the grouting nozzles shall be cut and the holes shall be filled with Polymer Modified Mortar using ApcoBuild Seal n Safe.
    Remove excess
  • Krystalline from the surface before carrying out any plaster or tiling work. Broken concrete areas shall be repaired with Polymer Modified Mortar as per standard specifications before plastering is done.
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