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Bonding between Cementitious Substrate
ApcoBuild Hydrocrete
  • Clean the surface free of dirt, dust, laitance, oil, grease etc wire brush as required or short blasting and vacuum clean the surface. Pre wet the surface adequately with water to a saturated surface dry condition without standing water.

ApcoBuild Hydrocrete

  • Mix Apcobuil Hyrocrete and cement in the ratio of 1:1.5 by volume and stir well to get a homogenous mix free of lumps.
  • Immediately apply a single coat of above by brush application on the substrate to be bonded and allow the coat to become tacky on dry.
  • While the coat remaining tacky place fresh concrete / mortar immediately.
  • In case the bondcoat gets dry completely apply a second coat.

Gives additional bond strength yielding a monolithic surface between old and new substrate.

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