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Waterproofing Treatment For External Chajjas/Balconies
ApcoBuild SureSeal + ApcoBuild CrackSeal + ApcoBuild Seal N Safe
  • Remove the existing tiling etc from the surface if any.
  • Clean the surface free of dirt, dust, laitance, etc and inspect for cracks.
  • Any cracks less than 5mm to be filled with ApcoBuild CrackSeal.
  • Cracks width more than 5mm to be filled with site mortar of cement: sand (1:4) with 10% ApcoBuild Seal N Safe polymer to be applied.
The junction of the walls and the slab is rounded using cement mortar of 1:4 admixed with 5% ApcoBuild Seal N Safe
  • On SSD condition, free of standing water, apply ApcoBuild Sure Seal to the clean and saturated surface maintaining a coverage of 6-7 sq.ft per kg to achieve 1mm thickness with two coat application. Second coat to be applied in opposite direction after 4-6hrs of application of first coat.
  • The coating is extended up to 500mm height along the wall.
  • At the junction of the outlet drains with proper slope, use PMM modified with ApcoBuild Seal N Safe over coated with ApcoBuild Sure Seal
Provide mechanical key on applied second coat of ApcoBuild Sure seal and overlay with the screed or mortar containing ApcoBuild Hydrotite IWC @ 200 ml 50 kg bag of cement.
  • Provide suitable gradient towards drain
  • Tiling work on balconies can be carried out over the finished mortar screed with ApcoBuild Tilecem non shrink waterproof tile adhesive and filing the tile joints with non shrink tile grout containing 5% of ApcoBuild Hydrocrete.
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