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Drain Water Outlets
ApcoBuild Seal N Safe + Apcobuild Sure Seal
  • Surface should be prepared with wire brushing, vacuuming and water jetting to ensure that the substrate is clean and free from any loose particles, dust laitance etc.
  • Ensure a proper slope directed towards the drain outlets to prevent standing water.
  • Open and fill the joints surrounding the pipe ducts of the drain water outlet using Polymer modified mortar containing ApcoBuild Seal N Safe.
  • Polymer modified mortar shall be prepared at site in the Proportion (Cement - 50 kg, Sand -150 kg, ApcoBuild Seal N Safe – 10 Kg. &Water- for workable consistency)
  • Waterproofing of all the rain water-outlet pipes using two coats of ApcoBuild Sure Seal around pipe.
  • Ensure proper slope near drain outlet area.
  • Prevent clogging of the drain orifice to prevent ponding of water.
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