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Roof China Chips Over Coat
ApcoBuild TerraCoat
  • China chips laid roof top surfaces to be applied upon, must be clean, reasonably dry, free form dirt and loose material
  • All voids and cracks in chips joint mortar shall be filled using putty made out of cement and ApcoBuild HydroCrete.
  • Proper coving should be done at the intersection of all vertical and horizontal surfaces using mix of Cement and ApcoBuild Hydrocrete
  • Pre-wet the surface to be coated to SSD condition
  • On the well prepared surface apply 3 coats of ApcoBuild TerraCoat a transparent coat with intermediate drying of 3 -4 hours with use of brush, roller or spray.
  • Allow it to air cure for 3 days for complete curing of ApcoBuild TerraCoat.

  • Foot traffic should not be allowed for 3 days from the time of completion of coating.
  • Application of ApcoBuild TerraCoat is not recommended for heavy traffic such as machine movements and point loads.
  • All the corners, joints, protrusions and outlets should be given 2 extra coats of ApcoBuild TerraCoa
  • The coating should be extended up to the height of 1 foot on the parapet walls.
  • Highly flexible coating with high tensile strength.
  • Transparent coat maintins asthetics of china chips.
  • Excellent addition to china chips with good aberasion resistance.
  • High Crack bridging ability.
  • Provides excellent waterproofing and good penentration due to low particle size to fill pores.
  • Anti fungal and anti algi resistance to UV.
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