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Separation Gaps Treatment
ApcoBuild Seal N Safe + ApcoBuild Sure Seal

Clean and wash of the surface free of dust, loose particles between the Brick Masonry & RCC Member by suitable methods & prepare the gap for proper filling

  • Any cracks lower than 3-5mm to be filled with ApcoBuild CrackSeal powder. Cracks larger than 5mm to be filled with ApcoBuild Repair Mortar Or Polymer modified mortar, a site mortar of cement:sand (1:3) with 10% ApcoBuild Seal N Safe polymer to be applied.
  • Alternately for separation gaps less than 3 mm, as an added precaution suitable grouting to seal the joints is recommended.
  • Apply a primer coat of ApcoBuild BeautyGuard by diluting with water in ratio of 1:! .( ApcoBuild BeautyGuard: Water).
  • After 3 hrs of application of primer coat, apply first coat of ApcoBuild BeautyGuard coating with 20% water dilution.
  • Apply second coat in similar way after 5-6 hrs of application of first Coat.
  • Ensure proper curing of the prepared & filled Polymer Mortar before any coating application
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