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Tile On Tile
ApcoBuild Tilecem + ApcoBuild Hydrocrete
  • The surface to be tiled should be sound, thoroughly cleaned and free of oil, grease etc.. by suitable methods
  • Mix ApcoBuild TileCem with potable water in ratio of 3:1 and stir it well to get a homogeneous mix preferably with use of mechanical stirrer to get an adhesive paste. At site addition of water shall be adjusted to attain desired consistency considering the atmospheric conditions and site requirements
  • Apply the above prepared mix on the surface prepared and comb using notch trowel to a thickness 3 – 5 mm.
  • Start placing the tiles on it with slight twisting action. As a practice intermittently touch the adhesive paste on substrate by finger prior to fixing of tiles. If the adhesive sticks to fingers then continue tiling and if not scrape off all and apply new paste
  • Use of spacers recommended for regular tile joints to be filled with tile grouts
  • For heavy stones use ApcoBuild TileCem in conjunction with ApcoBuild Hydrocrete at the dosage of 2Kg per 50 kg of ApcoBuild TileCem i.e. 2Kg ApcoBuild Hydrocrete and 16-18 ltrs of potable water for every bag of 50 Kg of ApcoBuild TileCem.
  • Allow tiling to set for 24 hours & start filling joints next day with Tile grouts prepared using ApcoBuild Hydrocrete
  • Always prepare a mix which can be used within 15 minutes to avoid the wastage of the mixed quantity. Part mixing can be done as required as per mixing proportion
  • Please ensure the fixing of tiles within 10-15 minutes of the application of adhesive paste on the substrate
  • Adhesive layer should not be laid above 10 mm thickness.
  • Do not wet the tile before fixing.
  • Do not add water in to powder, always ad powder in to water
Do not use ApcoBuild Hydrocrete more than the recommendation by the manufacturer. Do not fix the tiles on a dried adhesive layer, such material should be removed and a new bed must be provided.


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