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Water Tank Water Proofing
ApcoBuild SureSeal   +   ApcoBuild Hydrotite IWC   +   ApcoBuild Hydrocrete
  • Check for the soundness of the internal plaster for de-bonding.
  • Surfaces to be applied upon, must be clean, reasonably dry, free form dirt and loose material.
  • All voids and pinholes shall be filled using putty made out of cement and ApcoBuild HydroCrete.
  • Proper coving should be done at the intersection of all vertical and horizontal surfaces using mix of Cement and ApcoBuild Hydrocrete
  • All the construction joints in walls shall be grouted with cement slurry admixed with expansive additive at 500 mm c/c distance using suitable injection grouting pump.
The grouting nozzles shall be removed after the grouting is over and shall be finished using polymer-modified mortar with 1:3 cement:sand ratio containing 10% ApcoBuild Seal N Safe on the weight of cement.
  • On the well prepared surface apply by brush or roller a coat of ApcoBuild SureSeal a polymer modified cementitious seamless waterproofing membrane at a rate of 2 to 3 square meter per kg to all required areas, at a thickness of 500 – 600 microns.
  • Lay 200-micron glass fiber cloth uniformly over the 1st coat of ApcoBuild SureSeal when it is still wet. Allow it to dry for 4 to 6 hours.
  • Apply second coat in the direction perpendicular to first coat at the same rate. The total thickness of waterproof coating shall not be less than 1.2 mm at any point.
  • The treatment shall be left as it is for 72 hours for air cure before carrying out further work. The care shall be taken to apply the coating in the internals of drain out let pipes.
  • Apply neat coat of ApcoBuild Hydrocrete over the cured (after 72 hours) film of ApcoBuild SureSeal and allow it to become tacky.
  • Apply 10 to 12 mm plaster in cement mortar in 1:3 admixed with integral waterproofing compound ApcoBuild Hydrotite IWC at 200 ml dosage per 50 kg bag of cement over the bond coat when it is still tacky and finished it smooth.
Cure mortar for 15 days with water.
  • In case of ApcoBuild Sure Seal preparation, do not dilute with water nor do add any cement or powder.Always add powder to liquid and never add liquid in powder & maintain the mix ratio as recommneded
  • Allow 1st coat to dry completely for 6 – 8 hrs before applying 2nd coat.
  • Allow the coating to dry completely for 3 days after 2nd coat for the complete air curing.
Protect the coating with proper mortar screed for best performance over the years.
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